The drum washing machine

A Euro-pallet with parts of various shapes and sizes is conveyed to the entry into the washing machine. The mechanism slides it into the washing drum. The washing drum alternately rotates by ±180° and the directional jets rinse the pallet with the parts. After the washing, which lasts ca. 3 minutes, the parts are dried. The jets blow the parts dry. Once the drying has been completed, the pallet is replaced. The replacement of the pallet lasts 60 seconds. 
The washing machine uses heated water and the temperature of the pallet and the parts upon leaving the washing machine is ca. 60°C. The units used in the washing machine function independently of the washing process.

The conveyance of the pallets with parts:

The Euro-pallets are loaded onto the "U-shaped" transport pallet using a forklift. The conveyor transporting the pallet leads into the machine's washing area. After the completion of the washing process, the pallets are transferred to the conveyor's cooling branch where they are removed using a forklift. 


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