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VMP Micro

The parts are hand loaded onto a special holder on a cartridge inside the washing machine (automatic loading and unloading can be added by agreement). Jets with the washing emulsion clean the parts in a targeted manner and at the same time they rotate them, thus ensuring the perfect cleaning and degreasing of the parts. This washing system is applied for patent. After the parts have been washed, the cassette rotates by 180° and the parts are dried using pressurised air. If the surface segmentation of the part so requires, the parts are dried using directional pressure jets. During drying, the parts are also rotated. Once the parts have been dried, the cassette once again rotates by 180°, the washing machine door opens and the clean and dry parts are replaced with more parts due for washing.

This type of washing machine is designated for longer washing times and for a wide spectrum of parts. The replacement of the cartridge with the holder and the adjustment of the jets is very simple. 

Main dimensions3800 x 2600 x 3000 mm
 Electrical connection230/400 V; 50 Hz
Total power requirementmax. 25 kW
Pressurised air connectionpmin = 4,5 bar
Pressurised air consumptionmax. 0,5 m3/hodinu
Tank volume0,5 m3
Coloursby agreement
Floor loading maxmax. 5.000 kg/m2
Admissible unevenness of the floormax. 30 mm
Noise level max.max. 80 dB
Planned service life10 years in a three-shift operation
Filler replacement 1-4 weeks
Washing temperature40 - 80°C
Washing agentfor example Henkel P3-VR 5187
Cycle timemin. 60 s

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