The through-feed pallet washing machine

The parts are conveyed through the washing machine on pallets on a wire band. The washing area consists of pre-wash and washing zones. The directional jets rinse the pallets from above. The drying is resolved using blowing provided by a centrifugal supercharger

Main dimensions 5700 x 2550 x 3450 mm
Electrical connection 230/400 V; 50 Hz
Total power requirement max. 80 kW
Pressurised air connection pmin = 4,5 bar
Spotřeba tlak. vzduchu max. 0,5 m3/hour
Pressurised air consump. 2,5 m3
Colours by agreement
Floor loading max. 5.000 kg/m2
Admissible floor unevenn max. 30 mm
Noise level max. 80 dB
Planned service life 10 years in a three-shift operation 
Filler replacement 1-4 weeks
Washing temperature cca. 60°C
Washing agent for example, Henkel P3-VR 5187
Cycle time min. 80 s

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