The accessories and special equipment for conveyors

The conveyor can be equipped with the following equipment according to the requirements arising from specific tasks or according to the customer's wishes:

  • Lifting stations driven by pneumatic cylinders, which ensure the given position of the part above the conveyor
  • Positioning stations driven by pneumatic cylinders, which lift the part to the assigned position and secure the position (by means of clamping )Templates, which inspect whether the parts arriving on the machine's extraction surface are in the correct position
  • Pneumatic separators, which separate the last part from the queue on the conveyor Fixed stops
  • Orientational stations, which move with the part into a special position with regard to the loading of the device
  • Measuring and inspection stations, which inspect the required variables (the dimensions, surface quality, depth and quality of the through hardening, etc.)
  • Handling units
  • Counters of the parts
  • Equipment enabling the constant adjustment of the distance of the conveyor chains or the span of the side plates (for some types of conveyor)
  • Labelling equipment for rejected parts (a stamp, marker)

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