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Quality and environmental management

The quality policy of the organisation is an important management tool drawn from the organisation's vision. The quality policy is designed to maintain and develop the quality management system, and draw together the activity and efforts of the organisation's departments and individuals in an attempt to improve overall quality.

The quality policy is drawn up by top management and approved by the company's legal executive.


Policy Expressing the Meaning of Quality for the Company

Our concept is entitled quality - quality of products, quality of services, quality of employees, quality of the business.

Quality Policy Focused on the Customer

Our aim is to meet our customers' requirements and expectations with the quality of our work.

We resolve our customers' requirements quickly and without leaving anything amiss.

Quality Policy with Respect to our Employees

Our employee is our co-worker.

Quality Policy with Respect to our Sub-suppliers

The selection of sub-suppliers influences the quality of our products.

Policy for Improving Quality

It is not only the defects that have to be removed, but also the causes of them.

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